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That’s the beauty of being in this industry, is that you’re able to see the results of what you’ve been helping families with.”

Pamela J. Sams, CRPC, BFA

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Pamela Sams

The Natural Teacher —

A hero who helps women navigate difficult financial transitions

Throughout her career, Pam Sams has been guided by a firm belief that the role of an advisor extends far beyond helping clients make investment decisions. Using her own life experiences as a catalyst to break into financial advice, Pam now helps her clients build strong foundations for financial security and independence.

Her journey on this path began in 2001, shortly after her father passed away. Pam recognized that her mother needed assistance with the transition to widowhood and managing her finances on her own. As is not uncommon with the Boomer generation, Pam’s father had taken care of most of the household finances. For widows, that means the struggle of losing a spouse is often coupled with the added burden of taking on new financial responsibilities that can feel intimidating and overwhelming.

Pam, along with her seven siblings, began combing through the assets their father left behind, supporting their mom while sorting through things like his pension and social security. During this difficult time, Pam realized there must be many other women in situations similar to her mom’s who didn’t have the benefit of a close-knit family to guide them through the process.

It was this personal experience that motivated Pam to embark upon a career in financial services, clear-eyed about her new passion to help women gain financial security and independence during difficult times. She began her financial advisory career at American Express Financial Advisors, Ameriprise Financial, where she got her Series 7 license and her Series 66 advisory license. Pam built her client base from the ground up, initially taking warm leads from the credit card side who had inquired about financial services; her first priority was to put bread on the table.

Over time, Pam grew her practice and eventually became president of her own firm, which she named Jackson Sams Wealth Strategies. “Jackson” is her maiden name and including it in her company name was an homage to the tireless determination of her parents as well as a reminder that “determination never fails”. Her personal hero is her mother, who picked up the pieces after a 50-year marriage ended in widowhood. Her company’s name is also a reminder of her passion for serving clients in similar circumstances.

Pamela J. Sams, CRPC, BFA
President, Jackson Sams Wealth Strategies
Herndon, VA

  • 2 employees
  • 103 clients
Pamela Sams interview

One of my clients had a big anniversary and their daughter invited me. They were taking a big family picture, and they were like, ‘Come on in the picture, Pam.’ I was like, ‘I’m not part of the family,’ but they said, ‘Yes you are. You’ve been with us forever.’ So I just become part of the family.

Pam is a natural teacher, and much of her business now comes from word of mouth and referrals from those who have benefitted from her advice. That said, she does still hold occasional educational seminars in her community as well as providing educational content for the National Association of Baby Boomer Women website and a subscription-based financial tips service for younger women. She’s also excited about an upcoming video series she’ll be launching focused on topics that are relevant to her clients, but not necessarily related to finances; one planned conversation will be with someone knowledgeable about car maintenance and how to avoid overpaying a mechanic. A second planned video will feature a client who is a sex therapist and will be discussing her business growth during the pandemic.

That’s the same thing with all of the different money views and philosophies that I come up with. I don’t tell them if it’s right or wrong, I just say, ‘Okay, have you thought about this particular point of view?’ And then let them make a choice or a decision on that.

Pam also does things outside of her practice to help women navigate the many trials and tribulations of life. She sometimes takes on pro bono work through her relationships with The Women’s Center, a non-profit that helps women in the DC metro area get their lives back in order after a personal life transition. Pam volunteers her services and assists with financial planning through divorce or after a spouse’s death, making her services available for free to many who would not otherwise be able to afford them.

One common theme is threaded throughout all of Pam’s work – she lets her clients know she cares. Using a personalized approach, Pam’s mission is to develop deep relationships as clients try to navigate their finances. Whether it be taking the time to get to know an entire family or taking on some clients free of charge, Pam’s clients always know she is there for them.

One recent example of just how closely she works with her clients involved a text she received one Saturday from a client (she does not limit her clients to business hours as she understands pressing needs don’t necessarily adhere to the strictures of the working week). This individual was at the pound and was asking for her advice on whether she could get a dog or not. Pam walked her through this decision then and there in terms of the expenses this would add to the client’s life and they determined she could indeed take the dog home with her.

Pam indicates that her ideal client is one who listens to her advice and recognizes that it is geared toward making a positive impact in their life. One of her favorite stories occurred within the past few years and involves just such a client. She’s been practicing in this industry for 19 years now, and this particular client has been with her since the beginning. The client has eight kids (Pam was also one of eight children), but when their relationship began her client only had two children. Within the past few years, her client was looking for her family’s “forever home”. Pam helped guide them through the finances of obtaining this house. She visited while they were moving in and they showed her a room which they said was hers if she ever needed it. These are the types of relationships she builds.

Disclosure: Securities offered through Securities America, Inc., a Registered Broker/Dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services offered through Securities America Advisors, Inc., a SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm, Pamela Sams, Investment Advisor Representative. Jackson Sams Wealth Strategies, Securities America and all other entities named are separate entities.

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