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Redtail Technology > Terms of Use > 1.10.24 Orion Advisor Tech Addendum

Orion Advisor Tech Addendum

This Product Addendum governs your use of the Orion Advisor Tech Service offerings available for Users of the Redtail CRM Launch and Redtail CRM Growth offerings. The Terms are hereby incorporated by reference.  Depending on the Redtail CRM Service offering that is selected by Customer (Launch or Growth), Customer will have access to certain Service offerings made available through Redtail’s affiliate, Orion Advisor Technology, LLC (“Orion Advisor Tech”). This access will include, depending on the Redtail CRM Service offering purchased, the ability to leverage aspects of Orion Advisor Tech’s proprietary platform, including Orion Planning, proposal generation, stress test risk scoring, and new account opening tools (the “Orion Advisor Tech Platform”).

We shall make a subscription of the Orion Advisor Tech Platform, as described herein, available to you subject to the terms of this Product Addendum and the Terms. Your subscription is for your use only and cannot be shared or used by anyone else. We may suspend or terminate your access to the Orion Advisor Tech Platform immediately without any liability, upon notice to you, if in our sole judgment you have violated the terms of this addendum, the Terms, the Privacy Policy or the DPA. We may also suspend or terminate your use of the Orion Advisor Tech Platform, or condition your continued use on additional terms communicated to you, in the event your continued use, in our sole judgment, poses an undue or disproportionate burden on the Orion Advisor Tech Platform, our systems, or our networks. We may modify the functionality of the Orion Advisor Tech Platform and its application programming interface at any time in our sole discretion.

  1. Description.
    1. Orion Planning. Customer will be able to utilize the “Orion Planning” financial planning tool provided through the Orion Advisor Tech client portal. Orion Planning is a financial planning platform designed to assist investment advisers with both planning and investing, including the following functions:
      • Data Gathering—Automated, streamlined, and standardized process for dull data discovery that can be completed on a self-directed, advisor-driver, or joint live basis.
      • Goal Setting—Smart adaptive model applies cash flow or goal based planning depending upon client case complexity.
      • Monte Carlo Simulation—Enables users to interactively change inputs and see how those changes affect their financial goals over time.
      • Next Steps—Access insights needed to take action right within the application, putting your client’s plan into motion.
      • Client Portal—Collaborate from start to finish-from lead generation, discovery, calibration, planning, goal setting, progress tracking, and ongoing client meetings.
      • Behavioral Finance—Access Orion Advisor Tech’s behavioral finance tools, uniting financial know-how and psychological principles to provide support to your clients, including Orion Advisor Tech’s BeFi20 and 3D Risk Profile tools.

      Customers of the Redtail CRM Launch offering will have access to a limited Client Portal offering. This includes the ability to view their account balances, link outside accounts via data aggregation, and access to the Document Vault within Orion Planning . Customers of the Redtail CRM Growth offering will have full access to the Orion Planning functionalities listed above.

      Customer further acknowledges, understands, and agrees that its use of the data aggregation functionality within the Orion Planning tool shall be subject to the additional terms and conditions found at, as maintained and updated by Orion Advisor Tech from time to time, and incorporated herein by this reference. Customer’s use of such data aggregation functionality within the Orion Planning tool shall be subject to a fee of ten dollars ($10.00) per household, per annum, and such fee will be invoiced to Customer quarterly in arrears.

    2. Proposal and New Accounts. Customer will have access to Orion Advisor Tech’s guided, customized proposal generation tool with standardized output and a streamlined account opening process. Customer will leverage its own e-signature provider as part of the account opening workflow, subject to compatibility with the Orion Advisor Tech Platform and approval for use by Orion Advisor Tech. To the extent Customer opts to include proposed investment model information provided by third party model providers available through the tool, certain contact information of Customer and its users and information relating to the use of the third party investment model may be disclosed when directed by the user of such third party investment model information, in conjunction with their use of such information, so that the third party model provider may contact the Customer or user to help them utilize the third party investment model or model information as effectively as possible. By electing such use, Customer represents that it has provided appropriate notice and training to its users regarding this sharing of information with such third-party model providers.
    3. Orion Risk Intelligence Portfolio Stress Testing. Customer will have access to the Orion Risk Intelligence stress test risk scoring functionality for use in connection with their client account portfolios within the Orion Advisor Tech Services available through Redtail.
  2. License. Orion Advisor Tech hereby grants to Customer a non-exclusive and non-transferable license (the “License”) to access and utilize the Orion Advisor Tech Platform functionalities listed above for so long as Customer’s Account is active, pursuant to the Terms and this addendum. Customer hereby agrees that neither Redtail, Orion Advisor Tech, nor any third-party licensor providing information to Orion Advisor Tech shall have any liability for the accuracy or completeness of the information or technology furnished through the License or for delays, interruptions or omissions therein, nor for any lost profits, direct, indirect, special or consequential damages. Customer further agrees (i) not to use or permit anyone to use the information or technology provided through the License for any unlawful or unauthorized purpose; (ii) not to furnish such information or technology to any person or firm for reuse or retransmission without prior written approval from Orion Advisor Tech.
  3. Disclaimer. Customer expressly agrees that neither Orion Advisor Tech nor Redtail, nor their affiliates, provide or will provide Customer with any financial or investment advice, and that any such action Customer takes in reliance on the tools available within the Orion Advisor Tech Platform is at Customer’s own discretion. Customer further agrees that it retains sole responsibility for all services provided to its clients and that only it will exercise “investment discretion” with respect to its client accounts and the securities held therein. Customer hereby agrees that the Orion Advisor Tech Platform is being provided “as-is”, without any warranty or representation regarding its availability, functionality, or results. Customer further agrees that Redtail, Orion Advisor Tech, or their affiliates, shall not be held responsible or liable for any result, or lack thereof, derived from Orion Planning or the Orion Advisor Tech Platform and Orion Advisor Tech, Redtail, and their affiliates assume no responsibility or liability for any action, investment decisions, advice, treatment, or services rendered by Customer whatsoever.
  4. Access. Customer understands that access to the Orion Advisor Tech Platform requires the use of a password or other unique access code. Customer agrees that it will only allow access to the Orion Advisor Tech Platform to those of its employees or agents who need access to such information to perform their duties. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold Orion Advisor Tech harmless from actions initiated on the Orion Advisor Tech Platform by Customer, its agents or employees or through Customer’s own neglect, carelessness, or failure to maintain adequate safeguards to protect the access code. Customer shall immediately notify Orion Advisor Tech should the security of the Orion Advisor Tech Platform or the access code be compromised.